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Italy with VillageVines

Based on this title, you might have assumed that VillageVines is expanding to Italia! Pasta for everyone! VillageVines is giving everyone who makes a reservation a free vacation to Rome! Carpe Diem! The VillageVines team is headed to Italy! Without you! Unfair! To our dismay, none of these true. What is true, though, is that … Continue reading

How to Not Get Fat, VV-style

Over the past five days, my diet has consisted of leftovers, leftovers, and leftovers. Whether I was shoveling sweet potatoes for breakfast, turkey and cranberry sandwiches for lunch or cauliflower from the fridge during the hours in between, I managed to maintain the stuffed Thanksgiving feeling far longer than necessary (P.S. its hardly over; I … Continue reading

Happy Foodie-day!

Ever since food bloggers put away their jack-o-lanterns and homemade candy recipes, the internet Thanksgiving coverage has been bigger this year than ever. From celebrity chef’s favorite recipes (link) to horror stories to tasting menus, it seemed that anyone and everyone was excited to post about their favorite T-day tips and tricks. Most of our … Continue reading

How do you VV?

As you all know, VillageVines offers tons of really great restaurants at desirable prices. But unlike on other deal sites, we leave our offers open without time windows or rushed credit card fretting. To many, picking a deal on VV has become just like picking a regular restaurant reservation. And from this freedom come strategies … Continue reading

Fishing for Honesty: Food, Writing, and Branzino

I rarely write about meat, and for good reason: I don’t eat much of it. We never had steak in our house, I don’t think I’ve eaten ham in my life, and I’ve only accidentally eaten pork when tucked into a dumpling or noodle soup. No judgements towards those who love it – I hear … Continue reading

What you should have eaten this Halloween

Our costumes might be put away, but that sluggish feeling of too much consumed corn syrup and sugary candies is definitely still around. Yes, part of the fun of Halloween is snacking on candy corn while you carve the jack-o-lantern. But the binge-fest that the holiday has become is really out of control. So I … Continue reading

Chuggers: an H20-fueled NYC journey

This weekend my brother came to visit. I was thrilled to see him, and of course felt the need to fill each day with the best brunches, lunches and dinners I could come up with. When the two of us are together, I find my palate to be relatively adventurous and health conscious. But to … Continue reading

Food.0: a tech-twisted take on eating

Yesterday I downloaded an iPhone app that tracks your health and nutrition. From your calories to your vitamins and minerals, this app intently records everything I eat, drink, and do, and it produces personalized nutrition information. As a food obsessed yet casually conscious eater, I found it a little invasive, but really useful. Also in … Continue reading

Shells are the New Buns: a Taco Excursion

As an avid food blog reader, I’ve found it impossible to avoid the latest trend: tacos. Foodies are buzzing about the latest informal stands offering carne asada, mahi mahi, and puffy-shelled meal. People of all ages are even flocking to spaghetti tacos, a wacky trend that stemmed from a Disney Channel Show. From my observations, … Continue reading


Face it – it’s fall. Besides the obvious negatives (it’s cold, our glowing summer skin is getting translucent, and the flu’s are spreading with a vengeance), there are so many great things about fall. One of my favorites is the change in produce. Though there’s nothing quite like a juicy peach or a crisp summer … Continue reading