Access Preferred Pricing at Premier Restaurants

VillageVines, a members-only website built specifically to improve the convenience and affordability of city dining, is making its official public launch today. Members use VillageVines to book online reservations with top New York City restaurants, and by doing so enjoy having discounts of up to 30% discreetly taken off their parties’ bills without needing to bring along paper coupons (a big plus to date-goers hoping to impress while hiding their frugality). When you book a reservation through the site, that data gets instantly relayed to the restaurant (similar to OpenTable). Since the preferential pricing is a percentage off the total bill, not a discounted gift certificate, food and drink lovers can stretch their savings endlessly. Your discount will automatically appear on your receipt. Like this.

VillageVines already has thousands of members and partnerships with some of New York City’s most popular restaurants, including Kittichai, Russian Tea Room, Delmonicos, Novecento and Ouest, because it provides the restaurants with a level of control that other sites lack – VillageVines discreetly discounts the remaining empty tables of its restaurant partners instead of targeting venues looking for one time influxes of thousands of coupon-wielding patrons.

With savings that can reach three figures (a VillageVines member recently saved $186 at one meal), restaurant partners conveniently scattered across Manhattan, and reservation choices ranging from mid-week lunches to weekend dinners, VillageVines makes it easy for members to dive into the New York restaurant scene. Whether you’d prefer to try out Michael Boa’s lamb brain ravioli at D.O.B. 11.1 or soak in the atmosphere at Butter while sipping cucumber martinis, the effortless dining experience is what draws members to book through VillageVines again and again.

So go ahead and indulge. You’ll just have to get used to paying less for more.


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