VillageVines Partners With Plum Benefits

Barely a Month Old, VillageVines is Now the Largest Site for Restaurant Deals in NYC

New York, NY (June 28, 2010) – VillageVines ( has partnered with Plum Benefits ( to present its exclusive restaurant offers to the employees of over 18,000 New York based companies. Despite launching less than a month ago, VillageVines now boasts a distribution network of approximately 5 million people in the greater New York City area, providing VillageVines with a consumer reach that far exceeds that of any other daily deal or private-sale website.

Plum Benefits, an employee benefit service that provides professionals access and discounts to live entertainment events, now expands its range of services to include VillageVines’ exclusive restaurant deals – solidifying Plum Benefits’ position as the city’s leading provider of entertainment perks.

VillageVines is already partnered with New York City’s most popular restaurants, including Ouest, Aquavit and Kittichai. By giving restaurants complete control over their customer traffic, VillageVines is able to work with high caliber restaurants that would never use other deal sites. Through this level of control and its new partnership with Plum Benefits, VillageVines now offers New York City restaurants an unmatched ability to attract new diners.

“Our ability to help our restaurant partners draw high-quality diners is now unrivaled in New York City,” said VillageVines’ head of marketing, Julien Vernet. “This will only strengthen our relationships with the leading restaurants and enable us to offer unmatched dining values to consumers.”


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