Leave Your Passport, Pack Your Tastebuds

New York City is a hotbed for authentic, delicious multicultural food. Noodle soups in Chinatown, Indian street food, and pasta in Little Italy are often almost as satisfying as their local counterparts. The “almost” is key; In a world where we watch Youtube videos of Himalayan mountain treks and TV shows about African safaris, food continues to provide an unparalleled and tasty experience that really can bring you anywhere.

That’s why at Village Vines, we only work with restaurants that “almost” transport you to the most delicious, unique and thrilling spots in the world. We want you to sample every flavor under the sun, except without the airfare fees or currency inflations. I’m assuming if you’ve read this, you already are testing your palate with Southern Barbeque, Mediterranean spreads, and Brazilian feasts. But if you need a push, here are the ways I’ve strate-vined (get it?) using Village Vines.

1) Revisiting the mesmerizing cuisines of my yesteryear.
After 18 hours of airplane movies and neck pillow sleep, my first meal in Chiang Mai, Thailand was a meal worth remembering. Under warm lighting, fully costumed dancers performed traditional moves as we chowed down on freshly seasoned vegetables, succulent meats, and flawless rice dishes. Kittichai’s floating candles, lily pads and exquisite canopy décor brought me right back to that surreal night. And that’s before I started eating.

2) Practicing my Bonjour, and picturing the Eiffel Tower.
I’ve always wanted to go to Paris, France. It’s known for everything from intricate architecture to effortlessly chic fashion, and of course food. Previously I’ve nibbled on croissants with coffee and baguettes for brunch, but I always assumed that without an plane ticket I’d miss out on that je ne sais quoi of French cuisine. That is, until Village Vines offered Le Cirque. Every texture, every flavor, and every visual left me speechless, and not just because I can’t speak French.

3) Spinning the globe, pointing randomly, and trying it. Well, Sort of.
When I think of Malaysia, I think of the Prime Minister in Zoolander (to be fair, I’ve watched that movie over 100 times). Of course I know it’s in Southeast Asia, but otherwise I really don’t know much else. So when The Fatty Crab, an upscale spot of the same origins was offered on Village Vines, I thought of…the movie. I know nothing about the cuisine, yet decided to cross my fingers and give it a try. Spicy Quail Egg shooters , savory Fatty Duck, and unexpected delicacies like Watermelon Pickle And Crisply Pork made my finger-crossing beyond unnecessary.

Let us know about your Village Vines travels through dining, and enjoy!


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