The Travel Section: Southern Comfort

It’s only September, but I’m already feeling fall on my back (and hands, and face, and neck…). This means my cravings for salads and anything described as “crisp” or “light” give way for soups, paninis, and any food equivalent to snuggling under blankets by a fire. Southern comfort food is notoriously good at providing this feeling. There’s nothing like macaronis, grits, and perfectly fried foods to feel full, satisfied, and ready for sweatpants and a mug of something hot.

On VillageVines, we are featuring two restaurants that both intrigue your tastebuds and give you the metaphorical “hug” that I need from food lately.

If you live in DC, be sure to check out Vidalia, a new-American hotspot serving up fun Southern dishes in unexpectedly creative and upscale ways. Whether you order the Marcho Ranch Veal Sweetbreads (complete with chanterelle mushrooms, english peas and a sultry bacon-cherry ravigote), The Signature Berkshire Porkchop (served with truffle-mac croquettes, vanilla braised onions, radicchio, and an apricot-white ale reduction), or even the Baked Macaroni side, you are bound to experience full on southern textures and ingredients in ways like never before. Note: the daily chef specials offer even more clever southern spins with dishes like off the cob corn with truffle butter. Mmm!

For New Yorkers, Tipsy Parson is serving up good ole’ comfort food, but with crazy ingredients that will shock and delight you. My favorites are definitely tHe Fry up (cornmeal-battered summer vegetables, pepper vinegar & meyer lemon aioli), The Red Snapper (served with fennel-pepper confit, oil-cured olives, cucumber, red pepper emulsion), and of course The Drunken Watermelon (soaked in tequila, salt, red pepper flakes). Just prepare yourself (especially for the watermelon), because its more southern like Martigras than a calm night with the family :).


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