Go Local!

During the last few years, buzz words such as organic, natural, and sustainable have dominated the space once occupied by reduced-fat, low-carb, and sugar-free. These terms, as Michael Pollan and other food figures have claimed, are more poetic than informative.

Of all of these labels, my favorite is definitely local. Not only are the fruits, vegetables, and meats organic, natural and all other applicable lingo, but they come from right down the street (or down the highway). By purchasing this food, which is not too expensive, you support local business and enjoy tasty, pesticide-free fare.

Even if you missed out on the dozens of farmer’s markets that made local food available this summer, there are still plenty of opportunities to try it at its best. Try cooking lessons, heirloom vegetable and wine auctions, and of course unreal food stands during Edible Manhattan and GrowNYC’s Eat Drink Local week (September 26th to October 6th). Or stop by Stiles, Greenmarket, or Union Square for fresh honey, fruits and even Ostrich meat.

Another way to experience local food without the hassles of shopping and cooking is, of course, dining. Many cafés, bakeries, and eateries proudly boast their use of all local ingredients, such as Midtown’s Serra. The upscale Mediterranean restaurant feels far away from the bustling farm stands – buttery grilled Wild Salmon and onion, goat cheese, and cumin slathered Lamb Burgers are menu staples – yet still offers an authentic, local eating experience. VillageVines is offering it exclusively at 30% off this week, so give local a try!


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