Face it – it’s fall. Besides the obvious negatives (it’s cold, our glowing summer skin is getting translucent, and the flu’s are spreading with a vengeance), there are so many great things about fall. One of my favorites is the change in produce. Though there’s nothing quite like a juicy peach or a crisp summer salad, I always look forward to the buttery squashes, rich eggplants, and toasty roasted…everything. If you share my craving for all things oven cooked to perfection, check out my list of VillageVines must-tries.

Location: Belcourt
Roasted items:
Butternut Squash And Apple Raviolo (with sautéed mushrooms, pine nuts)
Roasted Jerusalem Artichokes (with hazelnut butter)

Location: Wall and Water
Roasted item: Stone Fruits soup (with aged goat cheese, lemon preserves, remsburger maple syrup and pine nuts)

Location: La Paella
Roasted items: Pimientos Rojos Asados Con Picadillo De Ajo (roasted red peppers with garlic, oil, and parsley)
Patatas Al Ajillo (roasted potatoes with garlic and paprika)

Location: Braeburn
Roasted Item: Hot Beet Salad (with braeburn apples, spicy walnuts, goat cheese fondue)

Get them while they’re still hot!

One Response to “Roasted”
  1. Love La Paella!!! They’re sangria is amazing!!! It’s very refreshing- I’d get the white- but as we approach fall I think red is more appropriate. Instead of brandy, the owner, Rachid, uses tequila as his secret ingredient, which gives it a little kick at the end of my sip.

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