Shells are the New Buns: a Taco Excursion

As an avid food blog reader, I’ve found it impossible to avoid the latest trend: tacos. Foodies are buzzing about the latest informal stands offering carne asada, mahi mahi, and puffy-shelled meal. People of all ages are even flocking to spaghetti tacos, a wacky trend that stemmed from a Disney Channel Show. From my observations, I’ve gathered that the attention once poured upon the perfect burger has been redirected to its south of the border competitor.

At first, I was distrustful. My most vivid taco memories stemmed from questionable grounded “beef” in a cheap shell during my elementary days. If we wanted, a big dollop of sour cream could be added. As a picky eight year old, I was not exactly delighted. But out of curiosity I recently bought a container of black bean taquitos from Trader Joes. Perhaps I could move on.

If you haven’t gathered thus far from the title of my post, I did. It was true: the gooey insides, the flavors, and the crisp outside really do make a perfect satisfying snack or meal. Of course, the most worthwhile tacos are best served fresh with innovative insides. Some of the VillageVines restaurants across the country do really quirky, exquisite interpretations. Bring your friends, pick your favorite kinds and start your taco fiesta!

Chicago: Sabor Saveur
This restaurant is known for their wild Mexican-French creations, so its not surprising that this Pumpkin Flower & Cream Cheese Taquito graces the menu. It’s served with pomegranate tomato sauce, and will shock, intrigue and delight you.

San Francisco: Colibri
The fish taco”Al Pastor,” a menu favorite at this Mexican bistro is an adobo-marinated grilled tilapia creation. Topped with onion, cilantro and pineapple, you can expect high quality ingredients and flawless delivery. This taco is a gourmet twist on the staple with the volume turned way up!

New York: Cabrito
This known NY restaurant features on-the-mark tacos made with simple ingredients and serious seasoning. This means start with the braised belly with tamarind-arbol glaze, jicama, green apple slaw. Then maybe switch it up for the Baja-style beer battered fish taco. And then maybe a chorizo? They will leave you smiling.


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