Fishing for Honesty: Food, Writing, and Branzino

I rarely write about meat, and for good reason: I don’t eat much of it. We never had steak in our house, I don’t think I’ve eaten ham in my life, and I’ve only accidentally eaten pork when tucked into a dumpling or noodle soup. No judgements towards those who love it – I hear it’s quite satisfying – but I don’t tend to order or write about foods I’m not that into.

To my delight (and other’s frustrations), a lot of food writers take on similar standpoints. Organic-freaks, vegan-diehards and the recently coined vegivores make up a large segment of today’s food voices, so my desires to write another post on roasted vegetables at our best restaurants are only further excited by this stream of consistent content. But this style of eating is, technically speaking, trendy, and that’s not my goal. The point of this specific blog is to talk about food for food’s sake, like the way restaurants and genuine diners see it. I could cover every restaurant trend and review every hot spot, but that would be inconsistent with VillageVines’ users’ (and my own) food views. So while my posts might be vegivore-tinted, health conscious and yet hopelessly sweet-toothed, they are all I really know how to write.

So back to meat for a second. Though I may not chow down on a prime cut on the regular, I do appreciate the idea of a meal’s center. You rarely see meat accenting a veggie, or quietly flavoring a rich stew. It’s title stands out, often dominating the dish’s personality. Lately more substantial vegetables like eggplant and portabello mushrooms try to tackle this task, but some succeed better than others. Fish, however, is the perfect middle man – it can effortlessly handle a starring role, yet maintains a light, healthy feel.. Plus, there are so many different kinds to try. And with so many VV restaurants offering their takes on the sea meals, I figured I’d offer a guide to some great restaurant fish choices and where to get them.

Halibut (white meat, mild, healthy) – Char No. 4

Mahi Mahi (meatier, known also as dolphin fish)- Orsay

Lemon Sole (small, super delicate) – DB Bistro

Branzino (silver skinned, also called European Sea Bass)- Sfoglia

Swordfish (steaklike, thick) – Wall & Water

Salmon (orange-pink, lots of omega 3’s) – Industria Argentina

Tuna (rich flavor, here served ahi style) – Solo

Black Sea Bass – Serra

Just don’t get me started on Seafood…

One Response to “Fishing for Honesty: Food, Writing, and Branzino”
  1. What about Flex Mussels?? Known for their freshly shipped mussels from Prince Edward Island, they also have excellent cod- I think the Chef changes the cod on the menu daily- but when I was there they broiled it in a cast iron pan with a buttery sauce and roasted veges. Such a delicacy! I have yet to get fish at Char No.4. I’ve had their smoked brisket sandwich and their crispy pork nuggets- bite size- and hot hot hot!!!!

    Thank you VillageVines for your excellent choice in restaurants!

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