How do you VV?

As you all know, VillageVines offers tons of really great restaurants at desirable prices. But unlike on other deal sites, we leave our offers open without time windows or rushed credit card fretting. To many, picking a deal on VV has become just like picking a regular restaurant reservation. And from this freedom come strategies of maneuvering the system.

We find that certain personality types become the norm in VV booking. Which one are you?

1. It’s a Tuesday, and you just found out your cool Aunt is coming into town on Thursday night. As a devout VillageVines fan, you scroll through and pick…

a. Artisanal. You’ve hit the Murray Hill spot 3 times in the past couple months, and know that she’ll love their Steak Frites and Onion Soup as much as you do.
b. Char No. 4. You saw the VV email a few days ago, and figured its worth heading to Brooklyn to try their Cornflake Crab Cakes, Jambalaya, and Jalapeno Cornbread.
c. La Paella. It’s right around the corner, and their wine selection is stellar, so the quick walk back will be needed.

2. You are a Tribeca resident, but your old friend is an Upper East Sider. When compromising on where to eat for your Monday night catch up meal, you settle on…

a. Sfoglia. You two got to-die-for Papardelle there a few weeks ago, and have been craving it ever since.
b. Klee. It’s not really close by for either of you, but where else are you going to try Speck Pizza, Rainbow Carrot Puree or Spatzel Mac ‘n Cheese?
c. Industria Argentina. Its his turn to travel to you, and you are pretty psyched to check out the full rack of lamb (at VV prices) so close by.

3. You are throwing a surprise birthday for your neighbor, but have no clue what kind of food they like! What do you pick for the big meal?

a. Chinatown Brasserie. You remember from last time that it’s pretty big with room for groups, and that Peking Duck was a major crowd pleaser.
b. Pampano. She’ll definitely be surprised when she’s suddenly chowing down on exotic fusions like Lobster Tacos and Chipotle Miso Cod!
c. Almond. It just went on to Village Vines, is in the neighborhood so everyone can get there, and is known for having amazing seafood and prociutto plates. A no brainer.

If you answered mostly A’s….
You are the “repeat offender” You have tried VillageVines restaurants before, and have had some seriously delicious meals at enviable prices. So its easy for you to use the VV discount at those same restaurants again for consistently awesome dining. Keep it up, we’re glad you’ve enjoyed them, though if you are looking for a change chat with some of our neighborhood-VVers, who might show you new places worth frequenting…

If you answered mostly B’s…

You are the “wild tryer.” Barbeque in Harlem? You’re in. Mexican in Midtown? Why not. Malaysian in the Upper West? You’re down.

With over 50 NYC restaurants, its easy to fall into routine, but this is not your style. You use VillageVines to explore the city’s dining scene, one neighborhood and cuisine at a time. What’s great is we add more restaurants all the time, so you can always find something new to try at our preferred prices. Also, be sure to dine with friends, who might be neighborhood-VVers or repeat offenders. Maybe their favorite spot will become on of your unnoticed gems!

If you answered mostly C’s.

You are the “neighborhood-VVer”.

You see no need to catch a cab, pay subway fare or stick to walkable shoes when there are so many amazing restaurants within a few blocks from you. Luckily for you, we have offers all over the city, so it’s pretty likely that a VillageVines restaurant is down the street. Plus, we try to help you discover places you might not have noticed, like the great upscale Indian eatery on the corner or the chic French Bistro on your walk to work. But you never know, tagging along with a wild tryer for a different exciting meal that’s a little farther, but worth the walk.


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