Happy Foodie-day!

Ever since food bloggers put away their jack-o-lanterns and homemade candy recipes, the internet Thanksgiving coverage has been bigger this year than ever. From celebrity chef’s favorite recipes (link) to horror stories to tasting menus, it seemed that anyone and everyone was excited to post about their favorite T-day tips and tricks. Most of our partner restaurants are closed this Thanksgiving anyway (so no VV holiday post), so I decided to figure out why there has been so much coverage this year. After a solid blog-athon, it dawned on me: Thanksgiving is the Foodie Holiday.

First of all, Thanksgiving is about nothing but food and people. This is the foodie’s bread and butter (after all, dining alone means you try less of the menu!). Unlike many other holidays and celebrations, which rope you into religious guilt, unnecessary spending, and diverted attention, Thanksgiving seems to understand how celebrating should be done. It starts in the afternoon (waiting for dinnertime is overrated anyway), offers plenty of variety, and drags out for hours. There are no speeches or ceremonies. And you are encouraged to leave stuffed, sleepy, and happy.

This is foodie heaven. There is no better day of the year to appreciate what the food lovers to do what they do best. This is Fashion Week to clotheshorses, Black Friday to deal lovers, and Superbowl Sundays to sports fiends.

But it goes beyond the pure joy of a delicious meal. The past few years have strongly trended towards New American cuisine, which provides timeless classics updated in fun, unexpected, or extra indulgent ways. From smoky mac’n cheeses (Tipsy Parson’s has bread crumbs and comes with bacon) to hearty roasted vegetables (Wall & Water’s Roasted Pumkin with homemade ricotta is insanely good), these dishes are all pretty reminiscent of home-cooked, comforting….Thanksgiving.

So it’s no wonder that the online food community is going nuts. Thanksgiving is the glorified, real-deal version of what every eater looks for in their local restaurants – quality decadent dishes that feel like home. We aren’t, after all, seeing a flow of gastronomy, asian fusion, and raw vegan recipe posts floating around.

Does this mean your Facebook newsfeed will be overstuffed (hahah) with iphone pumpkin pie snapshots and carving the turkey videos? Probably. But hopefully, we can all put down our gadgets and enjoy the family (and chow) time.


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