How to Not Get Fat, VV-style

Over the past five days, my diet has consisted of leftovers, leftovers, and leftovers. Whether I was shoveling sweet potatoes for breakfast, turkey and cranberry sandwiches for lunch or cauliflower from the fridge during the hours in between, I managed to maintain the stuffed Thanksgiving feeling far longer than necessary (P.S. its hardly over; I was sent home on the bus with dinner rolls in my purse). Did it feel great to chow down like there was no tomorrow? Of course. But when every holiday bleeds over into the following week as an excuse to gorge, it’s hard to say when is enough.

thanksgiving days 2, 3, 4....

Restaurant eating can easily lead to accidental altercations with the holiday attitude as well. Food is sometimes consumed rather mindlessly, health knowledge goes out the window, and you can end up spending more but feeling less satisfied.  But this doesn’t have to be the case!

At VillageVines we can help you with the price part (!) , but you’re on your own at order time. So it seemed useful to give our members some tips for ordering at our variety of restaurants. This does not mean order the blandest item on the menu, nor does it mean order just an appetizer and expect to be full. We want you to experience the best that our partner restaurants have to offer, while keeping off the holiday bloat! Here are some of our best tips:

  1. Fill up on vegetables early on. Salads, sides and appetizers often offer unique, exquisitely crafted takes on vegetables you might not cook on your own. You can always bring parts of your main meal home for lunch the next day!
  2. Avoid fried foods if possible. There are so many other ways to cook food – roast, steam, bake, sautee etc – that are much better for you!
  3. The right appetizers, like soups and beans, are fun to munch on, take a long time to eat, and are minimally destructive healthwise.
  4. Lean proteins, like fresh seafood are flavorful and exciting to share while maintaining a low calorie count.

Here’s a perfect example of a group sharing meal that is both healthy and delicious at Amber, the UWS sushi haven.

Miso Soup

Hijiki (black seaweed)

Yellowtail Sashimi Cucumber Wrap

Scallop Tiratido * thin sliced seared scallop citrus flavored with spicy garlic cumin

Tuna Lover Tasting * tuna with sake miso, white tuna with ginger garlic, super white tuna with dill sauce tuna with pearl sauce

Filet Mignon Lettuce Wrap * marinated in e.v.o.o. & sauteed with basil, diced pineapple, bell peppers & onions. served with fresh red lettuce

Snow White sake miso flavored white asparagus roll with super white tuna & wasabi caviar on top

Upper West Side lobster salad avocado roll topped with fresh strawberry slices & mango sauce

Drinks: Green Tea (zero calories, but fun and definitely adds to the meal)

This meal offers an insane variety of flavors (strawberries? Check. Pineapple? Got it. Ginger? Yup) but keeps nutrition at bay thanks to fresh fruits and vegetables, high grade fish, and various herbs and spices.

For more help, here’s a menu for Almond, a decadent French Bistro that’s newer to our roster (click to zoom).


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