Italy with VillageVines

Based on this title, you might have assumed that

  1. VillageVines is expanding to Italia! Pasta for everyone!
  2. VillageVines is giving everyone who makes a reservation a free vacation to Rome! Carpe Diem!
  3. The VillageVines team is headed to Italy! Without you! Unfair!

To our dismay, none of these true. What is true, though, is that our Italian restaurants are really good and deserve some love, blog style. I’ve always thought Italian food is a cuisine that is both worth the hype and refreshingly trendless. It’s always classic yet never boring, always flavorful yet never ostentatious, and always satisfying without being excessive. That is, if it’s done well. After all, a mealy eggplant parm or cream-dominated linguini are, well, pretty nasty.

Though our trendy spots are understandably a hit with VV customers (Tempura Catfish anyone?), these traditional eateries are more easily overlooked. But for what they lack in flash, they make up for in trust – you can bring your date for a candlelit evening, or your family for a reliably good meal that pleases both the picky and the adventurous members.

So yes, you might think of VillageVines next time you go out with friends or celebrate. But next time you need to mangia bene (eat well), no matter the occasion, think of these great imaginary meals and get booking!

Chicago – Via Carducci

Antipasti – Peperone Ripieno a bell pepper stuffed with rice, ground beef, peas and pregano, topped with marinara sauce

Insalate – Insalata Del Campo baby spinach with asparagus, gorgonzola cheese, extra virgin olive oil and lemon zest

Paste – Orecchiette Del Contadino ear-shaped pasta shells, italian sausage, rapini greens, garlic, fresh tomato sauce

Secondi – Costolette D’ Agnello grilled lamb chops, rapini greens, white beans, garlic, extra virgin olive oil

L.A. – Il Grano Ristorante

Antipasti – Insalata Al Tartufo Nero grilled japanese hokkaidp scallops, arugula salad, shaved summer black truffle

Insalate – Insalata Di Pomodori heirloom tomato salad, burrata cheese, organic mixed lettuces

Paste Raviolo open face maine lobster raviolo spaghetti pasta, yellow corn

Secondi – Duck Breast crispy seared duck breast, celery root mash, baby broccolini, balsamic sauce

D.C. – Teatro Goldoni

Antipasti – Calamari A La Siciliana calamari stew (sicilian style) with pine nuts, currant, caperberries in a light spicy fresh tomato sauce

Insalate – Insalate Di Cavolo tuscan kale with warm pancetta vinaigrette, candied walnuts and pecorino romano

Paste – Risotto Con Gorgonzola Pistachio E Salsiccia risotto with gorgonzola, pistachio & salsiccia

Secondi – Grand Fritto Misto assortment of crispy oysters, scallops, shrimp, calamari, red peppers and zucchini

San Francisco – La Briciola

Antipasti – Fagottino Ripieno vegetable filled crepe, wild porcini sauce, white truffle oil

Insalate – Cesare romaine lettuce, shaved parmigiano, croutons, caesar dressing

Paste Lasagna Di Mare bechamel, shrimp, salmon, swordfish

Secondi – Coniglio In Umido Con Polenta stewed rabbit, tomatoes, olives, rosemary, polenta

N.Y. – La Rivista

Antipaste – Carpaccio Della Rivista beef carpaccio with arugula, radicchio, endive, and shave parmesan cheese.

Insalate – Mozzarella Caprese fresh mozzarella, tomato and basil

Paste – Timballo Di Ziti Con Melanzane penne with eggplant in a dome of zucchini.

Seconde – Medaglione Al Barolo thick medallion of filet mignon with barolo wine and mushrooms.

One Response to “Italy with VillageVines”
  1. You had me fooled! I really thought you were expanding to Italy!

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